Saturday, November 8, 2008

WELCOME to the Island Girl

We want to officially welcome the newest member of our Pilgrim Pals, Kelley Campbell (picture taken on her recent trip to England). Kelley hails from Canada's island paradise, Prince Edward Island, one of our Maritime provinces.

She has already been such an encouragement to me through her e-mails, cards and letters. Please check out her blog, Dwelling In His Presence by
clicking here. Kelley's blog is our feature for the month of November.

WELCOME Kelley and thanks for your recent posts! We love you and we're thrilled to have you as our Pilgrim Pal.

~ Pilgrim David


Terry said...

Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!! to our "Little Island Girl"!!
Welcome, Kelly, to "David and his happy band of Pilgrim Pals!
Love Terry

PS..Praying too that Kelly has a great weekend with the young people!!

PS 2..According to Wikipedia, her name means "Brave Warrior"!

Pilot Mom said...

Welcome aboard! We are always glad to welcome new members into our group. May you find encouragement, friendship and fellowship among your stops here at Pilgrim Pals!

Amrita said...

Welcome Kelly. My sister and family live in New Brunswick, think its close to Prince Edwards Island. They have been there.


donna said...

Glad to meet you and am joining the others in prayer for your weekend...


Little Montreal Girl said...

Welcome "Little Island girl"! Can I call you that? Thanks to Mrs. Shirkie I'm now "Little Montreal Girl".

PS. I really like what you wrote for Rememerance Day. So true. For the past 3 years I have writen an article for our comutity newspaper on Rememberance Day. Tis years is on Vimy Ridge. Wow what a feat that was!

Blessings to you!
Little Montreal Girl

Felisol said...

Gotta say welcome too.
A few days ago you were not far away, over in Scotland.
Well, America does not seem that long a distance these days either.
A heartfelt welcome from
Felisol On The Far Side Of The Sea.

Laura said...


Vicki said...

A mighty big welcome to you, dear Kelley! I'm way down here in the South (USA) but feel like one of the

Lauren-Mary said...

Welcome :) It's so great to see our group is growing!