Saturday, November 15, 2008

Revival Meetings In India

There were week long revival meetings
with guest speaker Brother P C Verghese
at the Christian University.
The Lord made it possible for me to attend some of those
and a half day retreat.This is the Chapel of Brotherly Love where the retreat took place

A 20 foot high Cross
adorns the entrance inviting everyone
to seek shelter under its shadow

The altar with
the cross behind it.

Morning group discussion

Impromptu worship time while waiting for tea to be served

Strive to be godly
from 1 Cor 2;14 - 3;9

Young and old feeding
on the manna
In the afternoon I rested at a friend 's place.
This is their garden over-looking the river
Another friend 's dogs - they were not friendly at all.
You can see some more pictures
Posted by Amrita


Terry said...

Dear Amrita
It would have been so nice to have been there with you!
The Word would have been great and the tea would have tasted so good especially when enjoyed together with all of your friends!
I used to go to take Mom Golden and my brother, David to so many Bible conferences during the summer and fall months and it has been so long since I have done that!! David is in heaven now and Mom Golden is so frail..And as for me, many miles of driving is too hard now! Last time I took Mom Golden and my Aunt Marion on a two hundred mile trip, I was falling asleep at the wheel!!

God's blessings on you Amrita for such a good report!..Love Terry

PS Isn't it just great Amrita that the cross is empty now and that the Lord who gave His life for us is waitng for the call of His Father to go to earth and bring His Bride home!!

Amrita said...

Hi Yerry,
It would be such a honor and privellege to have you here for a conference. You 'd be the guest of honor really and receive hospitality everywhere.

My Mother also went to many events like that but now she doesn 't have the stamina to attend.

I played some GodTube videos for her and she liked hem - S M Lockridge

Oh yes ihe empty cross is a great and joyous testimony of our faith and hope....the garden tomb too.

Lots of love to you.