Sunday, November 16, 2008

Prayer Meeting the Church

Here's the latest update on the fires in the area of Kindred Community Church. God is good! His people are meeting tonight. Thanks for your prayers! ~ David

Kindred family: We will be having a prayer and praise service this evening from 6:30 to 7:30 in the Multi-Purpose room on the church property. Please note that there is traffic in the area and possibly road blocks due to people looking at all the devastation. Allow extra time to get there, and if you are stopped, tell them you were told that we have permission to meet this evening on our property and you are a member from Kindred Community Church. Also, an alternate traffic suggestion may be to come in to the church property from the Gypsum Canyon side rather than the Weir Canyon side. Thank you and see you tonight!

While you're rejoicing, why not check out Susan's blog and read her poem about God's protection during the fires.

Check it out here!

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susanwalkergirl said...

Dear David, Terry and all the Pilgrim Pals. What a praise report we have on God's hand of protection upon our church. At this evening's prayer meeting...we gave thanks to our God for His hand of protection upon us and offered prayers for the firefighters and those people who have been effected by the fires.

We are so grateful for your prayers. In response to the prayers of so many...God sent a west wind which protected the church property. He also used the service of two of our own Mike Farrel and Jim Slazas who stayed at the property at risk of their own lives. They watered down the buildings. Of course we must thank the firefighters who protected the church as well. We are so grateful to so many...especially our God for His mercy.

Thank you for your prayers dear ones!

Love and blessings...Susan, Chris and all of Kindred