Thursday, November 20, 2008


To me the word missionary is synonymously with the person Ingeborg Eikeland. She was sent from the little Pentecost Church Salem in my birth town Sauda out to Belgian Congo in 1956.A top scholar. Straight A's and a Master degree in languages. For 52 years she has served Kongo with all her heart and mind. First she built a primary school, then school for teachers. She cooperated with the UN the establish a university. Now the circle is finsihed. She's back teaching in highschool in Bukavu, 140 kilometers south of Goma. Four times she's had to flee the country, first time in 1961, then in 67 and twice in the ninties.
I remember her visiting our Sunday School telling about cruelties one never had heard of. I remember the peace following her. And unselfish love.
Now she is the only foreign person left in Bukavu. She has established two shelters for raped women.The cruelest way of waging war ; against innocent civilians.
"I will not leave until my Congolese superior order me to," she said the other day on telephone.
The suffering and need are beyond imaginations.
"I do not worry for myself, I know I'm living on grace-time."
My prayer to the Pilgrim Pals; please pray for missionary Ingeborg, pray for her church, her school, her abused women. Pray for peace and justice for Congo.

From Felisol


Amrita said...

I have been following the news about Congo. Indian soldiers are deployed there as part of the UN Peace keeping force.Indian Army doctors delivered babies and they gave them Indian names.

JUst this evening I was talking to my sister and she was saying thatshe heard about little girls being raped on Congo and they are pleading with people to comeand kill them as they cannot bear the atrocities against them.BBC has the news story.

Praise God for such a faithful, strong and courageous woman like Ingelborg. The Spirit of the Lion of Judah is within her to keep her on her post and running away .
in fear.

Thank you for reminding us to pray for Congo and God 's people there.

Amrita said...

I meant not running away in fear

Terry said...

Oh I was not on the computer much yesterday and just saw this now Felisol.
What a courageous and loving lady your friend is and so beautiful both inside and out. I will surely be praying for her and for all those poor souls that come into contact with her, that they will accept her God and that they will have something so good to look Jesus and heaven and away from their terror and the cruelty of those that are treating them so badly.
I will Felisol and thanks for telling us....Love Terry

Felisol said...

Bestest Pilgrimfriends, Amrita and Terry,
I am so relieved that the two of you are praying for missionary Ingeborg.
I cannot claim her to be my friend, but she's my missionary Icon.
I've followed and admired her for 52 years. When she asked for prayers, not for herself, but for the ones she felt responsible for in Congo, I knew it was urgent.
And I knew who to turn to for human support.
My Pilgrim Pals
One feel so lost and helpless facing one of the greatest tragedies in the world.
How reassuring that my friends join in praying.
"Where two or three gather in my name, I will be midst among you."
I'm stretching my one hand out to Canada and the other to India, praising the Lord that he is here and in Conga at this very moment.
From Felisol

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you, Mrs. Ljung, for informing us on this!!

Love and Prayers,