Sunday, April 6, 2008

56 and Counting

Today I'll celebrate 56 years of Christian pilgrimage. As a 6-year-old boy on April 6th, 1952 I placed my trust in Jesus Christ and became a follower and disciple of His.

Following a Christian radio program for kids, Young Canada Bible Hour, I prayed with my mother at the kitchen table and began my Christian life. Praise God for godly parents who raised me to love and serve the One who gave His all for me.

The road has been rough and the journey has been marked with many disappointments but God has faithfully led me each step of the way.

As I begin year #57 I pray that I will discover new insights and learn to trust Him more.
What an awesome God we serve!


Terry said...

Happy 2nd 56th birthday Pilgrim David!
When they will be singing the birthday song in Sunday School later. I will be thinking of you!

Happy Birthday ,
Yes two!
Only one will not do!
Born again means Salvation
How many have you?

There's a Saviour for you
And you [need] HAVE Him 'tis true
Happy Birthday dear David!
Happy Birthday to you!

Sorry you won't be getting five bucks like I give the birthday girl or birthday boy at Sunday School...You HAVE to be there!!!
Every week Bernie stuffs five dollar bills into my wallet for those kids and if there is any left I keep it!!!.....Love Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Happy Birthday, Pilgrim!!!

May you continue to grow closer to the Lord.

Love and Prayers,