Thursday, April 10, 2008

Move Over, Ron MacLean

Hockey Night In Canada may have found a new right-hand-man for Don Cherry. If Ron MacLean decides to pack it in, Matthew Fisher (in the blue jersey) is ready to fill the void.

Matthew met Grapes (Don Cherry) at his hockey tournament this morning in Toronto.

Don told Matthew to tell his cousin (Mike Fisher) to hurry back from his injury or Ottawa is "toast".

Matthew's team won 5-4 this afternoon and Matthew scored 4 goals.



Terry said...

That is so cute David!!
I kind of like that guy Don Cherry.
When I used to look after Katy, she always watched Hockey Night In Canada, so of course I had to watch it with her.
Whenever that Don Cherry came on with his wild suits and ties, he livened up the place real good.
I will never forget the time though that he was very serious as he gave our soldiers in Afghanistan a whole lot of credit for how they were serving our country, and said that they were true heroes!
It was really heart moving!
There were even tears in Mr.Cherry's eyes.

I hope that the little guy got his autograph!

Little Matthew would probably do a better job than that Ron MacLean. As far as I see it that guys sure does a lot of whining by times!!
Don Cherry was forever putting him in place!

PS Say! That little Matthew finally got Terry to comment on hockey!!
Tell me it's not so!!

Saija said...

that's so neat ...

i guess our american friends don't realize what "hockey royalty" is all about ... and don cherry is it! :o)

hebrews 11:1 said...

Congratulations Matthew!! Pilgrim, do tell him we'd like him better than Ron MacLean...actually, can he take over Bob Cole and Harry Neil's job, too? He can probably pronounce all the Habs names correctly ;)

Mrs. Shirkie, that is funny that you finally commented on hockey ;)

Mr. Fisher, WHERE are our Sens posts?! I miss them. Just go Penguin hunting, instead of duck hunting...or is that illegal? At any rate, don't get Staalled :) We always liked that post on Jorden getting Staaled in Pittsburgh.

Love and Prayers,
LPP in Habs-crazed Montreal aka Planet Habs