Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pray For Port Au Prince, Haiti

My friend and blogging buddy Rodney Olsen has been in Haiti and sends along this prayer request. Thanks for remembering Rodney, Compassion Australia and the situation in Haiti in your prayers. - David

Rodney writes:

Just a quick note to ask for you to pray over the coming days for the people of Haiti.

I'm here with Compassion Australia to observe their work here. Unfortunately, due to riots and looting in streets here, we're heading out early. We'll travel to Dominican Republic to see Compassion's work there.

Please pray for peace to return to the streets. As always in these situations those who suffer most are the poor who get caught up in the situation.

I've written a little about the situation on my blog and have linked to a radio interview that I did with Sonshine FM back home.

If you're a blogger, please ask your readers to pray.

Thanks for your assistance.



Terry said...

Dear David
Thanks for putting this in.
We little realize how much these dear people are going through in Haiti.

This Monday a missioinary from Zambia was telling us about the Gospel work that he has been helping with in Sudan and how dangerous are the times there.
It makes me see how we sure have nothing to complain about in our countries. We have such freedom and how little we are using that freedom..just taking it for granted!.....Love Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Mr. Fisher.

Mrs. Shirkie, my family loves reading books by Brother Andrew, from Open Doors, and he has written quite a bit lately on the persecuted Church. We always come away from a book feeling very privelidged to live in such a free society, albeit some of our freedoms are slowly being taken away. Here in QC there is a law going into affect next year that all children from Kindergarten to Senior High must take a govt.-made course in "religion" that will expose young children to all religions in a very real way...that included islam, hindu, and other cults! If the school does not comply, they are disobeying the law, the very law which is chipping away at our freedom of religion, and freedom of choice! It gets me so mad soemtimes...

Love and Prayers,

Felisol said...

I will pray for the people of Haiti.
Like Mr. Olsen said, it's always the poor and defenseless who are getting caught in the middle when there's a riot.

The children of Quebec sure need our prayers too.
Hope the Christians of the town are not sleeping in these crucial moments.

Oh, I know from my own life how easy it is NOT to be engaged, complain about he politicians, but not react upon anything.
I guess that somehow makes me an accessory, cause I have not used my freedom of speech to protest.
From Felisol