Sunday, April 27, 2008

Prayer Requests

Hello Pals,

I have a few prayer requests I'd like to share with you.

1) for my mom - she is feeling very, very weak, (a side effect of a new medication) and unable to do much of anything - she is discouraged. Pray that her doctor will try another medication or that the side effects would go away.

2) for my friend, Maureen, who has been having chemo and it's not going too well. When blood tests are done and the doctors look for a certain protein that should be low - it isn't - it is really high. Maureen has had cancer 3 times in the last 6 years! Pray for a miracle healing.

3) and for little ole me :) For a administrative job to open up with the paramedic or Fire service dept - not sure if I mentioned this but I am trained as a paramedic. However, that was over 12 years ago. God had called me to work in the Guatemalan mountains in health care back in 1999. He opened every door you can imagine and then my doubts and anxiety that God would supply for me financially took over... I "ran" back to a secular job. Haven't been at total peace since then. Hopefully someday He will give me the chance again! For now pray about the job situation.

God bless.

Julie (Little Missionary)


Terry said...

Oh Little Missionary Julie..There you are! With some prayer requests, which we will all most certainly be praying for!
Is Maureen your friend that was with you in the umbrella picture?
Poor girl! There has been so much cancer going around!
I feel bad for your mom and will be praying for her discouragement.
And for Little Missionary Julie, herself with a new job prospect in view.
That would be so nice!
Lots more interesting than working with people that don't appreciate what you have been doing for them!
I say once a nurse, always a nurse and you would pick it up really quick because you have a kind heart!
God's blessings on you and Alfie F
...Love Terry

PS Praying for Maureen right now!

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hi Terry, the person in the pic with the umbrella at the playoffs last year is Louise. But you can pray for her too - we are not really friends anymore - just co-workers. I had to step back from that relationship. She turned out to be way to negative and she is a bit of a user too. She is another admin in my office and getting to know her better in the last year has unfortunately turned out to be a disappointment. She is a manipulator - she talks about other ladies in the office when they aren't around - makes me wonder what she says about me when I'm not around. She comments about how much weight so and so has gained etc etc. It's just awful and I've try to stop those conversations but it takes way too much energy so I just stir clear as much as possible. My two year anniversary in that office was last Thurs and I'm tired of hearing/seeing Louise act all nice to certain people and then when they are out of ear range, saying "idoit" or worse things that I can't repeat. Sad thing is, she is a church going woman but of course we all know that just going to church doesn't make you holy or redeemed! I really have to be careful as a Christian woman in this office - or any office I guess.

Thanks for your prayer support Terry - for mom, Maureen and me! You'll never know this side of Heaven how much it means to me!
Julie (and Alfie!)

Terry said...

Oh that's too bad that she is like that.
I remember when we were kids if we ever started the least gossip, Mom Golden would "nip it in the bud" and I am glad that she did or we would of grown up gossiping too. It is so sad to treat someone nice to their face and then talk about them after.
That is what you call sweet poison. I am glad that you are not like that Little Missionary, Julie!..
You always say what you mean, straight to the point and that is the best way to be!....Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Julie LM,
I'll pray for the three of you, mother, friend, and yourself.
I think God will use you wherever you are as long as you have this very fine attitude. Being a Christian is a 24/7 commitment,not a social choice.
"We are the letters of Christ, known and read by everybody," Paul says (translated by me).
Any office or station is blessed to have you on their team.
When you help not spreading rumors and avoid talking behind peoples' back, you are a mighty role model in any job.
I feel confident that God will lead you where he needs you the most.
There is a shortage of honest and caring people in all countries.
Maybe especially in the Western world where god mammon rules.
May God strengthen you and bless you day by day.
Hello to little Alfie too,
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Please pray for me. This heat is exhausting me. Also pray for our church water well project...for the Lord 's provision and help. You can read about it on my blog.

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, sweetie!

I'll be praying for you, Maureen, and your dear mom! Now I don't know anyone who is named Little Ole Me, but I do know a very sweet Little Missionary ;)

How is Alfie doing? I just love that name :)

Oh, LM, if you ever want to read a blog that will brighten up your day in terms of humor, check out He is a friend of Pilgrim's, and his blog never ceases to put a smile on my face during these difficult days. Nothing against any other blog, Pals is my favorite, but just in case you ever need a little cheering, you'll love his writings.

Love and Prayers,

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