Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lay It Down

This one is for you Julie (LM) and I hope I am not crossing the line in dedicating this to you..............

This morning the song, 'Lay It Down' came across my iPod and I immediately thought of you. I am trying to recall if someone has posted these particular lyrics on here before....I can't remember. I am sure that we can all relate to this song, so click on the link below and listen/watch/enjoy the video.


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Terry said...

Such a lovely song for our little Missionary Julie, Laura!
I hope that you don't mind my slipping in this picture of our girl!
In this picture, you can see the twinkling eyes of the little missionary....the eyes that Felisol noticed and admired and the eyes that twinkled into our Pilgrim Blog site the first time that she popped in to say howdy!
And eyes that are shining despite the showers.
All she did was hold an umbrella over her head to ward off the rain!!

God bless you for this Laura!!!...Love Terry