Tuesday, April 8, 2008

AMEN to Donna's Request

Donna, thanks for posting the prayer request concerning Paul Mackay (pictured in the center with his dad David on the left and his son Taylor on the right). As many of you know, Paul is a good friend of mine who lives at my mother's house in Peterborough during the week and then heads home to Brantford on the weekends.


Again, check out the situation with his health concerns here.



Terry said...

Yes we are praying for him Pilgrim David!!!!Love Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

I was so concerned when I read about Mr. Mackay here, I went right on over to his blog...youhave to go see it now...he put up some comic relief! Just like him to throw some humor out there in a serious situation!


hebrews 11:1 said...

Hey, Pals,

Can you please pray for strength for me? I am so tired...staying up too late, getting up early, working so many different jobs/tasks. My eyes are bothering me on the computer, too, and I have a lot of computer time ahead of me. I am, I guess you could call it managing my neighor's home and cars for them while they move. I am to call a mover to move stuff from the upstairs duplex to downstairs, call a painter to paint the upstairs, advertise and help them sell their cars. Then I am cleaning with my sister one day a week heavyduty spring cleaning...it's for a Jewish family as they ready for Passover. Along with my own business and responsibities. Oh, and we got the great idea of buying 100 Habs car flags and re-selling them, so I just completed that transaction today...the flags might come in Monday at the latest. I;m getting them from Kanata, which is so cool, I think. The owner suggested I just drive on over to save shipping...I love the drive, but that is not a hop, skip, and jump away (2 1/2hrs.)! My parents have a drs apptmt tomorrow and Thurs, too, so that doesn't help my stress levels, either.

I kind of feel like I've taken on too much, but won't admit it or let it show...

I'm off to bed now. Thank you, in advance, for your prayers.

God bless you,