Monday, April 7, 2008

Prayer Power

Pals, I felt covered in pray today - thank you. I was sheltered by the Lord. I feel it's important for everyone to know because I truly sensed His mighty arm of protection. I think an army of angels surrounded my desk today - not only my desk but my mind!

Even though this lastest storm passed there will be another at's not over. The meeting did not happen today with the manager and supervisor to remove her supervisory role. I trust this is God's wisdom at work. I've been told it will happen - just not today. It did bother me though because my complaint of feeling "threatened" seems to have gone by the wayside. There has been some very inappropriate behaviour by this supervisor - like swearing and tossing office equipment she doesn't like in the area of the admin staff. Her mouth can be quite foul. I'm too afraid to say anything at the time when she does stuff like that. She has caused rifts between some staff - in sneaky ways. My work productivity went down and all I heard was "you need to work harder to get up to speed"....the cause of my "mistakes" hasn't been addressed. Until her supervisory role is removed I may well remain tense and....probably make mistakes. Although today I seemed more focused and able to block out stuff. Keep praying I can continue to do this and keep up good work while she remains my supervisor. The thing about her is, she comes across as very nice and friendly one day but then "stabs" you when you least expect it....that makes for a tense environment - for me anyway. You just never know what you are going to get. Keep praying that this is resolved and that eventually I will end up in a work environment where I am more valued by my supervisor. Pray also for my healing journey - I know there are some issues I need to look at again - my coping mechanisms for example. I want to live a victorious Christian life - not a life in fear and anger - that does not bring glory to the Father.


J (LM)

PS Pilgrim David - please let "little Fish" Mike know we Sens fans are praying for his healing!!


hebrews 11:1 said...

Wow, I haven't been on here since Sat. nite, and I've missed a lot of posts!

Little Missionary, I pray that the Lord continues to do a mighty work in your life, and may you always feel His Powerful hand upon you--supporting you through everything. I pray for you every time I think of you, which is quite often...funny thing is, I am planning on 2 trips to Ottawa in May--Lord willing--and every time I think of those trips I think of the Ottawa Pals, which includes YOU! ;) The first trip is to accompany my elderly neighbor, a holocaust survivor, on a free bus trip to Parliament Hill on May 1st...I can hardly wait! Sister is supposed to come to, and my neighbor wants one of my brothers to come along to "so we have a man with us" (aged 14 or 16!).

Love and Prayers,
LPP in Habs-crazy Montreal

PS My sister and I are praying for Little Fish, too. My knee has been hurting me so bad lately, I think it's sympathy pains ;) Okay, the real reason for my latest knee problems is a few pounds too many on I've got to diet a little. :(

Terry said...

Dear Little Missionary Julie.
I was thinking about you today and worrying. What a hard situation to be in.
It was the same with my sister, Betty and me. One of the girls that we worked with who we THOUGHT was the nicest got all kinds of rumours going that we were stealing and we were treating the lady we were looking after roughly and these were nothing but big fat lies!
Betty is still having a hard time to forgive. She even got a heart attack over it.
If it hadn't of been for my kindred spirit Susan's help and a couple of more of my friends encouraging me to forgive, I probably would of been in the deepest of despair yet.
I didn't know most of the other pals then but if I have any trouble now, I know that they will help me!
I am glad that you know that too Little Missionary Julie. We all love you so much!!!...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Julie LM,
My prayers for you have been many.
I so understand the pains you are going through.
being badly treated on one's working place can crush a person, and it is a well known problem all over the world.
Your superiors should hurry to solve the problem (your supervisor), she is not fit to have such trusted position.
The fact that you cannot rely on her to be fair and objective and predictable, may cause severe troubles to any employee.

I understand the immense strain it is to stand up against such a woman and that it for sure can have trigged post traumatic stress syndrome.
You were the one to react healthy though.
Hope you find a person you can connect well with in your healing process.

As you so correctly put it, no use in talking to a wall. You should tell the person in question about your feelings and rather find a new if you aren't well understood.

Thank you for sharing and thus making me able to pray, but also reconsider my own situation.

God bless and keep his sheltering hand over you.
From Felisol