Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Saija Of The Prairies On Her Way Home Tomorrow!

another evening in Finland ...
there are many stories i would like to share with you guys ... but that will have to wait until i get home and can post pictures has truly been a whirlwind trip .... tomorrow will be the last visit with my aunt and uncle who lost their eldest son - my cousin ... that will be sad to give them that last farewell hug ... there have been so many tears and laughter mingled ... plus those strong, bone breaking hugs, the kind where you rock back and forth ... and times of eating until my tummy is full ...sauna's every night ... and many folks who i just do not have time to see - are disappointed ...through it all, i have had a peace that the Lord is with me - even though my prayer time and bible reading have been limited ... He knew ahead of time and prepared my heart, then prepared others to pray for me ... and i thank Him for that ... and i also thank those of you who have remembered me ...we head home to canada on thursday ... but i don't think i will get home to leo until sunday ... unless my flight can be changed ... we shall see how things fall into place ...blessings to you all ... time to head for bed!(even though the time underneath is early afternoon - it is close to 10 p.m. here)

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Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Saija,
I'm praying for your and your aunt's safe return.
Hope you'll profit long time from your Journey across the world.
All my best to Leo as well.
God bless you and your family richly.
From Felisol