Monday, April 14, 2008

Do Or Die...Almost

I'm not one who prays for wins but I DO pray that athletes get healthy quickly after an injury. When that athlete is my nephew Mike Fisher I REALLY pray for a speedy recovery.

The Senators face a "must win" situation tonight in our nation's capital. They are down 2-0 to the Penguins but another loss would really make it tough to come back.

So, Montreal fans (you know who I mean), I'm praying for Little Fish and the rest of the Senators. Some of you think I've been unusually quiet this year during the playoffs. I am and I'm scared!

~ the Pilgrim


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

The Sens rock no matter what!! They look terrific tonight! I miss Fish but so glad Alfie is back in the game!


Julie (LM)

PS I don't normally pray for a win either but tonight....well, Lord if you could send an angel or two that'd be okay by us Sens fans :)

praying sens fan in montreal said...

I always pray for the Sens to win. Especialy now, I just checked tsn, it's 1-1 scary.

An angel or two would sure be helpful. Fill up the crease maybe.

And can someone PLEASE tell them to call up Brian Elliott!!!!

Oh so frusrated,
Little Montreal Girl

hebrews 11:1 said...

Montreal fans...really, who are they?!

Now I feel bad for praying for wins...but you have no idea how much that strengthened my faith in the BIG things in life, when the Lightning won the Cup in 2004 after I prayed for the little things. Anyway, I think I pray for the players' hearts more than I pray for them to win...I'm so glad we only get to watch the 1st period of a selcted few hockey games on TV, because it is so hard to remember to pray, as compared to listening on the radio!

I do miss your play-off posts, for sure. Don't you know any Habs? Come on, Gainey is from Peterborough...and you know the sad thing? I didn't even know that until his jersey retirement ceremony earlier this spring! I do hope the Sens can win this round, and then when they face the Habs...oh, well. My sister and I draw up brackets for fun every year, to see who is closest at playoffs end (no gambling involved!) and mine look like they will be awful this year, as I picked with my heart rather than head! :)

How is Little Fish's knee doing? Mine is hurting so bad...I had spasms in it when I was moving furniture up and down stairs today.

I've got to get to bed...sister and I have a busy week ahead of us.

God bless you,

hebrews 11:1 said...

I still haven't gotten to bed yet, and I see it's 3-1 courtesy of a former Pete...couldn't you ask him not to score THIS time, Pilgrim?! ;) Oh, well, I really do have to hit the shower...good night, LPP