Friday, June 6, 2008

2 Pals on the Move

As Pilgrim David is in the midst of his move, I'm in the midst of boxes galore! And still have a lot of packing to do! My move is less sad and stressful than the Pilgrim's because it's only a 1 bedroom apt I'm leaving - no sentimental attachments here let me tell you! I'm excited to be moving in about 3 weeks to my first "home" - a 2 level, 2 bedroom condo (I'll post pics when I'm settled in). It's exciting but also a time of some anxiousness - did I do the right thing Lord in taking out a mortgage? Such a huge financial responsibility for one person to take on! I question the wisdom in this. On the other hand, I felt the Lord was leading me in this direction to make this investment. It is an investment, whereas renting is like throwing money to the wind!

A little update on how I'm doing on my sick leave - or as I like to refer to it - my "health leave" because I am working at getting healthy! I'm doing okay - taking it a day at a time. My doctor and I decided it would be best to extend the leave until the end of July instead of mid-July. I'm not getting 100% pay on this leave so please keep my finances in your prayers. I have a huge amount of anxiety around going back to that work place and I try not to focus on that too much at this time. But it's amazing how our minds work because I find I'm having more nightmares in recent weeks than I've had in years. Obviously my fears are coming out while I sleep. Not pleasant at all! Even though this is all difficult I know God is working to make me a stronger, confident woman in Him. Though my co-workers meant it for bad (evil), my God means it for my good!!

I did apply for another internal job yesterday. It's an administrative assistant position in a different department and the admin reports directly to a manager. That's ideal because it isn't an admin pool where work is divided and there is more chance for jealousy, gossip and backstabbing - which is pretty much what is going on where I work now. Please pray about this job. It would be so nice to have a fresh start elsewhere. I need to build up some confidence in a new, healthier environment.

Well that's it for now.
God bless everyone.

Julie (LM)


Terry said...

Dear Little Missionary Julie..
Yes, I thought that it would be your turn to move soon.
I hope that you won't have too many nightmares. It is a little worrisome when you first buy a house but you know Who is looking after you, eh?
And then when you get settled in there a little while, you will see that instead of throwing money away renting at least you will be paying for your own home and it is a sound investment!
Will be praying that everything goes smoothly LM.....Oh and don't go packing up that Alfie F by mistake!! Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Julie, LBM,
you are made of solid stuff, buying a condo of your own.
Seems to me just the right thing to do.
Buy low, sell high isn't that what they these wise-guys of the stock-exchange.
This must be the right time to come into the market.
The Lord already knows that you need a change of surroundings.
I remind him to stay by your side when you go looking for a new job.
One no does not mean no forever.
WAIT, don't WORRY.
He's right there, the shadow by your right hand side.
One step and one hour by the time will do nicely.
I have the greatest respect for you, Julie, Little Great Missionary.
From Felisol

Felisol said...

Dear Hebr. 11.1,
I saw your comment at Terry's today,
and am truly sorry to hear that you're feeling lonely and worn.
I have been reading about your Dad and of all the hardships you are in the middle of. I assure you, you have your very own family bead on my "Rosary", right after Julie, LGM's actually.
I use the rosary to keep track of all my prayerchildren every night.
When I'm in my church here at the Pilgrim Pals, I stop to pray as I'm reading.
What a wonderful fellowship we have got here. My favorite church, always open.
Dear God, you see how Little Pilgrim Pal and her family are striving. We pray you, let them feel your caring love in a special way this very moment.
Let feel that before they cry, you will answer in your very special mighty way.
From Felisol

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Terry, you crack me up....packing Alfie ....ha, ha....

Felisol, thanks for your words and calling me little GREAT missionary - that's sweet.


Terry said...

Never you mind Little Missionary Julie!
I will never forget the time that my sister Sandra gave my sister Betty a nice front room couch and after the delivery, the strangest things happened. That couch was almost exploding with so much energy and lo and behold when the boys tilted the couch to the side out raced one scared pussy cat. He had hidden in there at Sandra's house because he was afraid of strangers and he went right along to Aunt Betty's for the ride!!
Now that cracked US up!!!Love Terry

Laura said...

Good to hear from you Julie, thanks for updating on your 'health leave', I'm praying for you!