Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Great Unpacking

It was a hot, humid and a very long day yesterday for my move but all went smoothly. Thank you for your prayers Pals!
This morning I began unpacking. I didn 't get too far though, however it was a start. I seem to have some nice friendly neighbours, which is reassuring. This morning I felt I was so undeserving of this new home, but I praise and thank God for every square foot! I will post a few pictures next week. I'm at my parent's place, 1.5hrs west of my city, for a couple days "vacation" - with Alfie of course. He gets to enjoy some small town grass and clover. He is on my lap right now. My Mom is still in the hospital and may be for at least a couple more weeks. I'll go visit her tomorow.
I'm pretty tired tonight so I'm heading to bed now. Thanks again for praying.
Julie - LM


Terry said...

Dear Little Missionary Julie,
Don't be too discouraged about unpacking those boxes.
I remember about 1975 when we moved from one house to another, that I never did get all my unpacking done and then when we moved to this house ten years ago, why I noticed that some of those boxes STILL weren't unpacked. Now they are up in the attic. Who knows what treasures those unpacked boxes hold?! Ha!

Thinking much of your mom and I hope that she will be feeling better Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Julie LBM,
congratulations with your new house. It is so well deserved indeed.
Sad about your Mom, and will keep her in my prayers.
We came to our house eight years ago. There's still banana boxes that haven't been opened. I cannot bear the sight of them.
God bless you and Alfie in your new home.
From Felisol

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi LM Julie!

I have been thinking a lot of you know how you mentioned you like chocolate? Well, I'd been allergic for a long time. Allergies go away with time however, and my mom got some great 85% drk chocolate...healthy and DELICIOUS! somehow I tried it and loved it and didn't react...and then I got her 74% drk choco with, that's tuff is excellent!!! So now every time I fidn myself craving another square (I can only have a bit at a time) I think of you ;)

Praying for you and your mom,