Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Well, another Father's Day has almost passed. (The picture on the left is of Felisol and her father). We hardly had time to think about it today. We are down to the 11th hour (well, the 8th hour) at our old home. We'll have everything cleared out by midnight tonight, I hope.

I thought of my dad several times throughout the day. What a fine, godly man!

I also thought of
LPP and the worsening condition of her father. LPP, we love you and we're praying for your dad.

We can't forget to pray for
Terry's father, Dad Golden. God is going to gloriously save him one of these days.

We also pray for
Donna's friend's father!

Thanks for your prayers over the past few weeks, dear
Pilgrim Pals. You have refreshed the troubled spirit of this stumbling pilgrim. You have been a blessing! In several hours I'll leave for work and I trust I'll have a restful night! Keep abiding in the shadow of the Almighty One. ~ David, the pilgrim

P. S. Thanks for sharing that scripture verse, Laura. It's been a favourite of mine for many years. HE WILL BRING US THROUGH!


Terry said...

Just simply beautiful David !

Happy Fathers Day Pilgrim Father[Dad]
I know that last year we made special cards for you and Passing-thru but this week there have been a few problems....but that doesn't mean that we don't appreciate you...Love Terry and I am sure the rest of the Pals.....

WHERE has the year gone to?

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Father,
happy Father's Day from across the sea.
You truly are a good father figure to all Pilgrims and I love you for that.
It's in a way only right that you too have to strive with all the difficulties, illness, exhaustion,lack of time and money and all the other things we mortal have to face.
By sharing we also get to follow your way through the dark tunnells and into the open.
Best of all, never have you forgotten to care about your fellow Pilgrims, not even in your darkest hours.
Let's hope we'll get to wander along further on.
I thank God for leading us and pray that He in His special way will bless this though week in a new home for you and your family.
From Felisol

Anonymous said...

Hi, Pilgrim!
Happy belated Father's day!

I did think of you yesterday but I just didn't get around to coming here...lazy me...I was too busy rambling with a friend on another blog :)

Thank you for thinking of my family and my was certainly a diffent day yesterday.

Pls keep my mom in your prayers...she only got 3 hrs sleep last nite.

Lovea nd Prayers,