Friday, June 6, 2008

Pray for David

Just a reminder Pilgrim Pals to be praying for David today. He and his family are dealing with some emotional feelings as they say goodbye to their old home and hello to their new home. Also, David has not been feeling up to par the last few days so pray for his health and stamina. Pray for many helping hands to move the heavy furniture and to load boxes.

In regards to another prayer request...I have just received notification that our dear friend Kevin (whose family attends our church) just went home to be with the Lord. Last Friday he was "T-boned" by a truck which ran a stop sign. Kevin suffered severe head trauma and has been in a coma since the accident scene. Today the doctors told Barbara that he would not recover. Essentially, Kevin was with the Lord at the time of impact. Barbara gave the okay to remove all life support about an hour ago. Please pray for Barbara and her three children and for Kevin's family etc during the next few days.

Pilot Mom

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Terry said...

Dear Pilot-Mom. Do you remember the time that I really needed some help when I had to move heavy furniture at Mom's and there was just nobody. I wrote to you and asked you to pray and by the time I got to Mom Golden's there were two or three strong young boys, mom's grandchildren that came to help.
Right out of the blue!!
The Lord will do the same for David and Carol!

That is way too bad about Kevin's family. I just can't imagine the sadness of it!
Will pray for them...Love Terry