Saturday, June 7, 2008


A heartfelt THANK YOU for your prayer support today. They are working! It's only noon and I'm exhausted. God will give added strength. (Isaiah 40:29) Friends from the church are helping today. I'll keep you posted but wanted to extend my thanks! Much love in Christ,

~ David, the Pilgrim


Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Father,
if God has sent you church angles, then you better let them work.Sit down and don't go in their way.
From Felisol
I've stolen your slogan about what to do when life is to hard to stand. Brilliant.

Terry said...

That is nice that they are helping David..
Are any of them feeding you though?
You guys have to eat to keep up your strength!!!Love Terry

You are so sweet; Never too tired to keep your prayer troops updated!