Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting Settled

Terry (and all the pals):

Thanks so much for rallying the Pilgrim Pals to pray! It means so much! It was great to encourage one another on the phone last night. Thanks for blessing so many of the Pals.

Last night was the first time I've worked at Christian Horizons since we moved. I spent the evening moving desks and computers with a good friend from the church. I called Terry while I was waiting for John.

By the time I got to work I was exhausted and was sure glad to climb into bed. It's nice getting paid to sleep isn't it!

Today I'm feeling a little better. There is so much to do. The grass is getting real long and I don't have the riding mower here yet.

Thanks so much for your prayerful concern, dear friends! Without your support this transition would be much more difficult than it's been.

God is faithful! I pray that I won't forget it! Felisol always sends my words back to me and I appreciate that so much. I need to heed my own advice.


~ David, the Pilgrim


Vicki said...

I am praying for you more than you know. Pace yourself, if you can.

May the love of the Father, the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the power of His Holy Spirit break through for you in every way. We love you and care!

Terry said...

Yes she is praying for you David. She let me know that she has been praying for you and Little Pilgrim Pal!

It is so good to hear the cheer in your voice, but we will still have to continue to pray!!!...Love Terry

Vicki said...

Checking on you again, dear David, and praying for all your needs.