Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Day God Dropped By

God gently knocked on my office door. With halting words I welcomed Him. He had dropped by before. Many times. This time he wore a crisply ironed blue dress shirt and a complimentary yellow tie. Coffee in hand, He looked dapper, not ostentatious. That rare mix of professionalism and humility.

First, he listened to my troubled heart. As I unburdened my cares the Burden Bearer cared. Then He spoke peace. No pat answers. No clich├ęs. “This is NOT a today thing”, he said. We will get it done!”

His empathy touched me deeply. As tears surfaced He reached behind me, took a tissue from the box and lovingly handed it to me.

As quietly as He entered the room, He was gone. My dark day lightened. My anxious spirit was lifted. His presence lingered.

Looking back on this serendipitous meeting, I praise God that He chooses to engage us at the point of our deepest need. I required the counsel of an accountant. He came as a CA, a good one.

My accountant was truly a CA yesterday. Christ’s Ambassador. He represented his Master well. He always does. A man of integrity for sure.

Have you had a life-changing encounter with the Burden Bearer lately?

Listen! He may be knocking at the door.

~ David W. Fisher, May 18th, 2008


Terry said...

Dear David... I have not been feeling well but it has not made me forget about how sad you are feeling lately. I just hope that as soon as everything is in its place and you notice the family around you, that you will know that your home hasn't changed a bit! Your family is you home and your home is your family dear David. Soon you will be satisfied and not be feeling so lonely for your old homestead!....Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear David,
It's fine that you got to meet a CA and once more be comforted in your trials.
Dear Renae is writing wisely and with humor about how men seem to have an important respect gene that has to be fulfilled, just as we women have a love gene more important to us than anything else.
I do hope that our words for you not only are filled with love, but also with respect.
Respect for the unstopping work you have done for Christ, for the sacrifices you have made and for the never ending love and empathy you share with us, the female congregation.
I have and will continue to call you Pilgrim Father, even if you are but a few years older than me. That's referring to the responsibility you have taken on amongst others to lead this little flock of pilgrims on our rocky road towards our goal in Heaven.
I pray that your self respect will be strengthened and restored the way it need to be. At the same time I also pray that you will continue to remain the emphatic Pilgrim, caring and sharing.
From yours Felisol