Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bad News...Good News

The following post appears on Pilgrim Scribblings as well. These are the kinds of scenarios I encounter on a regular basis as a sports chaplain. Lives are filled with exciting moments and discouraging disappointments. In the midst of them all we seek to point athletes to the greatest friend and Saviour they could ever have and know, Jesus Christ.

Here's that post:

Friday! Bad news...good news! Two friends go in two different directions.

Tuning in to The Fan 590 I learned that my friend John Gibbons, the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, had been fired. I wasn't shocked but I was certainly disappointed. John is such a good guy. Down to earth, easy to like, affable, always accommodating. He was always so good to me. I'll miss him but we'll stay in touch.

Later in the day another friend, Zach Bogosian, was picked 3rd overall in the NHL draft by the Atlanta Thrashers. Zach's dream is to play in the NHL at 18 years of age. He will. We'll miss him here in Peterborough with the Petes. Zach and his parents became good friends during his sojourn in Peterborough. Now he's on a fast track to the NHL.

Two friends, two different d
irections. That's sports. That's life. That's what my life and ministry, Epistle Sports Ministries, is all about. Consoling athletes during the tough times. Congratulating them when things are going well. And...all the time...pointing them to Jesus.

God bless you John and Zach! Our friendship will continue no matter what!


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

It's good work you do David, for Jesus the King!

God bless you in the ministry.

Julie - LM

Anonymous said...

Hey, Pilgrim,

I noticed the Habs drafted a Pete, too!

Hope everyone is doing is very tough here....waiting and waiting......

Love and Prayers,

David Warren Fisher said...


You and your family are being prayed for this morning as I write. Be encouraged today. The Father is in control and many of His children are helping to bear your burden. You are loved and cared for today. Don't forget that!

Father, touch our friends in Quebec. Be strong on their behalf. May LPP's earthly father feel Your healing touch today. In Jesus' name we pray, AMEN!

donna said...

As David says, many are praying across Canada and the US. I continue forwarding your updates..
am sending you hugs today...(this cyberspace stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be, so hope you feel it!)

Father reach down and gently touch our LPP...make your presence known more than ever before, draw her close to you Lord...protect her, comfort her, may her family be strenghtened and comforted by You...I ask in Jesus precious name...Amen

Mrs. Butler

Anonymous said...


whoever gets this first, PLEASE PASS this on...the keyword is HELD.


donna said...

David I have tried to post a new blog post here to confirm my earlier email to the pals....don't know why it won't let me...

I posted the song "Held" by Natalie Grant on my blog, which is how I remember our pal telling me she would inform us....HELD

(please forgive me Pals, I know this is not a good time to be having a senior moment)

Laura said...


You have been in my thoughts all day! I'm praying for your family!