Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary To The Pilgrim Pals

It has been a happy year and the Lord has answered so many of our prayers.
My hope is that this blog will continue for many years,until the Lord comes!

I wanted to put this memoriam card in, this morning for Arlene but computer problems prevented it!
Arlene was a major part of the Pilgrim Pals and a prayer warrior, even when she was at her sickest.
She and her husband, Barry deserve a lot of our thanks.
She is in heaven now and one day she will see the results of her labour.
What a grand reunion that will be!

We all miss you Arlene!!.............from the rest of the Pilgrim Pals

PS Thank you for the pictures Saija!


David Warren Fisher said...

Dearest Terry:

I KNEW you'd do something incredile to commemorate the occasion. Thanks for being my right-hand lady...strawberries and all.

You are a very special friend! Without you and all the other PALS we wouldn't have made it through a year...

and made a difference in so many lives.


With a grateful heart,

David, the Pilgrim

P. S. What a "moving" experience on moving day.

Terry said...

Dear David...I am glad that you like it. I got up at 4 this morning to work on it and by the time I had it done about 8:30, the blog was acting up and I couldn't even post it.
Just before Bernie and I went for his burnt toast and coffee, I was able to at least download the picture.
All seems well with the blog sites now though so I added what I wanted to say this morning and also the picture of our dear Arlene. She was such a gem!!

In the meantime David Fisher keep on "moving!"....Love Terry

PS It is I that am so grateful to you Pilgrim David that you ever put the effort into creating this blog and I thank the Lord for all of the dear Pilgrim Pals. They have all become dear friends!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Great Job, Mrs. Shirkie!!

Happy Anniversary to all the Pals!

and Thank you, Mr. Fisher for all your work in this blog!

and Thank you, Jesus, who answers all our prayers and has brought us together!

Love and Prayers to all,


Saija said...

you really outdid yourself this time terry! i must save that, as a reminder of God's goodness and grace towards us ...

blessings to you ... and to David for starting the pals ... and to all who read the posts ...

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary Fellow Pals!

Thanks Terry for posting the pic...I had a feeling you would be the person who would post something!

Thanks David for being the brainchild behind this venture!

Thanks to every Pal for sharing each post that God laid upon your heart!

I can't tell you how many times over the past year I have logged on here, after a long day and read something that just touched my heart in such a special way and helped me to keep going-strong!

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Pals,
I'll have to say Amen to Laura's comment. This blog keeps me going!
We have Pilgrim Father and also my bestest "Mother Theresa",
they really put down lots and lots of working hours to hold the flame of this blog alive.

I am also thankful for Arlene and of the unselfish way she kept on praying and supporting. she is alive in Heaven, so are her prayers.
That's the most amazing thing I've been holding on to since my Dad died. He's in Heaven with Jesus now, and his prayers are stil working.
They never expire on date.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Nicely aranged photo.

its good to be a part of this specialfamilky. The Lord 's Spirit binds us together.

i miss Arlene too.