Thursday, June 26, 2008

Signing Off

It sure was a busy day and it isn't quite finished for me yet at 11:30 p.m. Still those last minute little things to pack and I just needed a break. Actually I ran out of boxes!! Oh well, thank God it's just smaller know, those pesky little items you keep on your dresser, plus food in the fridge, but my plan is to come back here tomorrow afternoon and pick up the food items, plus the things I can't pack tonight because I have no boxes....I'll have to grab some tomorrow on my way back here. I so thankful that I have a dear friend in the Lord who is retired and offered to help me tomorrow afternoon! Today, my sister in law, who lives close to my new place, and I popped over to see my place. The former owner left it in great shape - nice and clean - praise God!

Terry, rest easy....I have not packed up Alfie by mistake. He is wondering what is going on though! Earlier I was munching on some Sun Chips....Garden Sala flavour....well, that bunny rabbit loves them.

Today, I took the first step to get back on track with my call to longer term missons....- that means I contacted a former organization I went to Guatemala and Romania with. You might be thinking..."hey you just bought a condo!" Well, I doubt I'm going anywhere long term for at least a couple years, but I need to work on some goals now. More on that subject another time.

Okay, better get back at it (sigh).

Bless you all and thank you soooooo much for praying me through this move.

Julie - Little Missionary ....on the move....


Terry said...

Oh Alfie F and Little Missionary Julie F on the move!
Running out of boxes is a bad thing.
Running out a food is worst!!
You will have to grocery shop on Saturday and get all the vittles in so that you and the Bugs Bunny won't be starving. eh?

I am praying for your mom LMJ and hoping that she will be improving.Praying for Jel's mom too and Mom Golden...

Take care now and I am glad that Alfie F did not get lost!!!
Love Terry

PS I didn't know that David was retired and how is it he can be helping you when he is ill with that cellulitis?
Right decent of the old chap really!
Maybe he will supply you with a few empty boxes!

Felisol said...

Dear Julie, LBM,
So happy that your moving into your new condo is going well.
Our last moving, eight years ago was a nightmare. I had broken both my right ankle and my right wrist, and was mostly dependent of a wheelchair.
Gunnar went from store to store, collecting empty banana boxes. The packing never seemed to end, and we could not afford a removalagegency.
Can you believe when the day finally came, one rainy, dark October day, 110 of our friends just were there , without being asked, cars and the whole chabang.
I did not even have the force to pray for help, but God knew our needs anyway.
Now we're stuck with more than eight thousand books,but that's O, we're doing just fine.
Hope you will experience wonder like we did.
Yours Felisol.

Vicki said...

Praying for you Julie! Alfie is so cute, I almost want to get a rabbit of my own. I wonder how things are going by now? Love & hugs to you!