Thursday, June 26, 2008


Dear Pilgrim Pals:

Thanks again for the outpouring of love on
LPP, prayingsensfaninmontreal and their family. It was so exciting that Paul and Donna could attend their father's funeral to extend Christian love and to represent each of us. Thanks again, Paul and Donna!

Please pray for me over the next few days. The cellulitis that I have battled in recent years has come back again. This time it's in my left elbow. It's swollen but not nearly as bad as my right elbow was last summer. I started on some heavy duty antibiotics yesterday and they are playing havoc with my stomach. The discomfort last night prevented me from sleeping well. Please pray that the cellulitis has been caught early and that the antibiotics will eradicate it from my system. Thanks so much!

Also, I begin my first 2-week stint as Chapel Director at
Elim Lodge on Saturday evening. Please pray that God will be honoured in our services and that lives will be changed for eternity as we lift up Jesus. Thanks!

As well, please keep
Julie, our Little Missionary, in your prayers as she moves into her new condo and seeks employment that will utilize her incredible gifts and talents. Thanks!

In His great love,



Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Thanks David - for praying.

Hope you have settled in nicely to your place! And I pray in Jesus' Name for that awful cellulitis to be cured! Thank you Lord Jesus.


Terry said...

Thinking about you David...
Going to Elim Lodge will be so nice though even as Chapel director.
Betty and I went there a couple of years and it was so nice....good food... food for the body and food for the soul!!!Love Terry

donna said...

praying for you David...

Carol said...

Hi David! Saw that you were going to be at Elim - Two friends of my daughter, Katie, are going to be at Elim for the summer - in the kitchen! David Hooper and Ryan Legg. Maybe you can connect with them and say hi!
Will pray for your cellulitis! I know well how the infection can get crazy very quickly!
Have a great few weeks at camp!

Vicki said...

I'm blessed, indeed, to hear of Donna & Paul's travel to the LPP's father's funeral.May the Lord continue to comfort LPP and her mother and siblings and extended family. We all send our love!! My heart hurts for their loss, but I'm picturing their daddy rejoicing in the Lord.

David, I'm glad I dropped by to read your post. I'll be praying so much for your cellulitis to heal up. Hopefully, the strong antibiotics will help ease the pain and discomfort eventually. I hope so!

Remember when I called Elim Lodge, Elohim Lodge? :-) You said it was a good name, even though I got it wrong. I'm smiling about that even as i write.

My granddaughter is here all week and running me from pillar to post, but I love it. I'm just not online as frequently as before.

Praying, too, for Julie and all your needs, Little Missionary. I know the Lord is working something out for you as you trust Him with your life, step by step.

Pray for my younger sister in CA who has lost yet another job and another place to live. She has no home, or job at all. It's the same struggle, over and over for her, and I have no idea what God is doing, but I know He loves her. She was so upset with me on the phone yesterday that she hung up. I can't ask a question without suffering her wrath. She's just that sensitive and feeling beat up by life right now.Do pray for her.

love you all,

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Mr. Fisher,

Praying for you! Yes, the outpouring of love and encouragement by the Pals is amazing, isn't it? I am so touched and so blessed!

I got a newsletter from a ministry recently and I saw that someone we know by the name of Mr. McGuirl will be at Elim Lidge in July, if I recall correctly. We met him at MissionsFest here in Montreal a year and a half ago and saw him last year as well.

Mrs. Gaines, I'm praying for you and your sister, too!

Love and Prayers,