Thursday, October 4, 2007

Anybody Up...Out There

Dear Pals:

I've returned from Montreal and I'm here at work (Christian Horizons) with such severe ear aches that I can't sleep. Carol tried to get an appointment with the ear, nose and throat specialist yesterday but can't get one 'til late October or early November. I came home on an earlier train because the pain and discomfort was so bad.

This afternoon at 2:45 I have my appointment in Toronto with Dr. Rose, the infectious disease specialist. Perhaps he can suggest something or refer me to someone who can bring relief.

Thanks for your prayers, dear ones! I will have to call and cancel my monthly speaking engagement this morning at one of the local seniors residences. I'll hate to miss this opportunity but I can't concentrate on anything due to the pain.

I'll be glad when daylight comes! "Joy comes in the morning!"

As I close I'm very much aware that many of our pals have greater maladies and health concerns than I do. I AM praying for you, dear ones, and for your loved ones who are battling such incredible medical concerns.

God is sovereign and He knows and cares about every situation.

Thanks again for your prayers!

The pained pilgrim

P. S. Thanks to Paul Mackay for the amazing photo.


Terry said...

Hi David..
Yes I am out here.
I woke up about 3 and haven't gone back to sleep.
I feel bad for your pain.
I guess if you went to emergency , it would be hours worth of waiting, eh?
David what do you do at Christian Horizons?
Are you looking after people there and isn't it hard to keep awake?

Such a lovely picture and such an excellent verse you have here David about joy coming in the morning.
I think that there is quite a few of us who are looking for a joyful morning as sometimes life even with the Christians can be a discouragement.

Thanks for such a great early morning post David.
Dad Golden will be phoning at 7 as he does everyday and I will kind of find out how he is...Love Terry

David Warren Fisher said...


There are two young men in their twenties that we care for. My shift is called a Night Sleep shift. I arrive at 11:00 p.m., make sure that they are settling down in bed alright and then I do some light tidying up, etc.

I go to bed around midnight and usually try to sleep 'til 7. My sleep is light though and I often am awake for extended periods in the night, like tonight.

My shift ends at 9 after I've got breakfast for the guys, given them their medications and got them off to their day programs.

Hope Dad Goldne is feeling alright when he calls.

We're praying!



pilgrim pal ;) said...


If it comes down to it, you might want to try oregano oil (watered-down, or rather, oiled-down!) or strained garlic-in-oil (crush fresh garlic, let sit in olive oil, strain) in your ear. It works wonders, I've been told. I've never had the problem myself, so I wouldn't know!

God bless you!

donna said...


You must be so weary of all this pain.....i have been praying for you...


susanwalkergirl said...

Dearest David...I pray that this evening you have found relief from the pain and that your sleep my be so very sweet.

Blessings to you my dear one...Susan