Monday, October 15, 2007

Pressing On

My posts and comments have been sporadic over the last couple of weeks. Everything seems to be mitigating against my writing on PILGRIM PALS.

Perhaps it's writer's block. Maybe spiritual dryness. Possibly the fact that I can't post on the three computers in our home, my laptop is giving me problems and my camera broke and may be unfixable (if that's a word).

As I drove to work tonight I was missing the encouragement of one of our most faithful pals, Passing-Thru (Bob). I e-mailed him tonight to see how he's doing. My dear friend Terry e-mailed me tonight because she was concerned. Thank you, dear one! You are a special gift from the Father!

My ear infection continues to plague me. Tomorrow I'll go back to the hospital to get some help, hopefully. They changed my medication last Thursday but it's still not getting any better. My ear, nose and throat specialist is mourning the loss of his father and won't be in his office 'til Thursday.

Carol and I are busy getting our home ready for two open houses this weekend, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. As you know this is a very painful time for us as we seek to get back on our feet financially. Thanks for your prayers!

So, having said all that several things remain constant:
  • God remains faithful to His Word
  • He continues to encourage me in the face of the temporary trials we face
  • He uses marred, broken vessels like me to accomplish His purposes
  • I'm awed by God's majesty
  • I'm humbled by His unconditional love

So, dear friends, thanks for hearing me out. Be strong in the Lord. Keep looking to Jesus. Trust Him implicitly. Keep a high view of scripture. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Tell others of His love.

You are loved,

~ the pilgrim David

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Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear that your camera broke...they actually warned me with Sony's that there are problems with getting it of the few things that were enough to convince me to buy the more expensive Canon S5 (which although it is an EXCELLENT camera, it is not good in low-light like the Sony H-series)...oh, I forgot to tell the Pals I bought mine just over a week ago--I love it! I hope you will be able to find a solution for your camera problem, soon...maybe someone will bless you with an early Christmas gift :)

Praying BIG...