Monday, October 1, 2007

Riding the Rails

Well, friends, I'm posting this on the VIA train between Belleville and Kingston, Ontario. My scheduled time of arrival in Montreal is 2:21 p.m.

I'm so grateful for the wonderful Christians who keep this PILGRIM PALS ministry so up-to-date and vital. It's such a blessing to read the posts and comments. Passing-thru (Bob) you have been such an encouragement to me. Thanks for picking up the slack when I've been battling physical ailments and computer problems. God bless you, brother!

Terry, you'll always be a special friend! I'll never eat a strawberry again without thinking of you.

Heather, if you read this, thanks for your inspiration as you wage your battle, in His stength, against the dreaded cancer.

We have a great God who faithfully cares for His own.

Lots of love,

David, the wayfaring pilgrim


Terry said...

Hi David!
Just emailed you to rell you about my computer problems.
I phoned Cogeco for help and they told me whenever you have problems of not being able to get to the blog and other sites just pull out the wireless power plug and leave it out for a minute and it will reset itself...

How frustrating, eh when you can't get through when you want to?

I would have told you an hour ago that if I had of been with you riding the rails, towards Belleville, I would of jumped out of that train at Trenton, 11 miles before you get to Belleville because that is our old stomping grounds and that is where Mom Golden came into contact with the gospel and that is where the first four of her childern were welcomed into Sunday School at the Lorne Ave. Gospel Hall.
Three bad kids and one good...Ha!!
Have a safe Terry

PS..Did you wave at that Paul when you got to Belleville?
That boy should have been waiting on the side to wave at you and throw you a Tim Horton's coffee!

David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks for your comment. I looked for Paul but he wasn't there so I had some of the VIA Rail coffee. Their burnt muffins are good!

Glad you were able to solve your computer problems. We're between Brockville and Cornwall now.



Terry said...

Well then you are close enough to wave to our little missionary, Julie and her pet rabbit, Noah and to our Lauren-mary and her cat, Jack!! Terry

Tha Paul is a real meanie!!

Oh David...I hope that we haven't lost our lil pilgrim...

Anonymous said...

Pilgrim! Where are you? Waiting patiently for more updates and PHOTOS from Montreal :)