Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Proverbs 31 vs 8-9

I am a Proverbs 31 vs 8-9 woman. It's deeply planted into my heart and I praise God for that part of me. God has taken some difficulties I faced early in my life and planted something very godly in my heart. Seeds of hatred tried to grow at times but God wouldn't have it. He watered seeds in me that desired justice - a desire to come to the "rescue" of the "underdog" - the weak one or mistreated one. When I witness injustice no matter how small it may seem, I jump in 99.9% of the time - sometimes mouth first - and then my head follows - not always a good thing if my mouth shoots off loudly before thinking! However, my heart is always in the right place - in Christ Jesus and desiring exactly what He would desire for the "underdog" - justice. I especially have very little patience when I witness an adult mistreating a young person.

Today at lunch I had a "hunkering" for french I stopped at a take out place and noticed immediately the teenager behind the cash had a badge saying "in training". The supervisor behind a counter in the back peeked out and asked what I wanted - so I ordered a medium order of fries. Apparently this was an "upgrade" - a special "key" on the cash. The teen seemed nervous and unfamiliar with where this particular button for an "upgrade" was on the computer screen. He asked the supervisor where on the screen it was - she was said, "to the right at the top, no the other side, no not there, not there......" she was sounded angry. He was growing nervous and finally asked her to come show him. She huffed, muttered "geez" and came around the counter. I observed them for a moment and began to feel very uncomfortable. The "justice gene" reared in my heart and I looked directly into the supervisor's eyes and said calmly something to this effect: "Cancel my order. I no longer want to give this place my business. There is no need to treat anyone the way you are treating him. It is inappropriate to talk to him like that and especially in front of a customer. He is in training - give the kid a break." She looked stunned and tried to say something but nothing came out of her mouth. The kid looked a bit shocked too. I imagine he was happy someone bothered to stick up for him. I left at that point because I could feel the "justice gene" was actually going to raise to a point that I might actually cross a line and treat her badly - it's a delicate balance - justice vs vengeance.

I was thinking, we are all in various stages of "training" as Christians. And, I pray we who are "supervisors" (more experienced Christians) are patient and grow in godly love towards one another. I also pray as Christians would strive to seek justice for all those who are mistreated - whether they Christian or not - it is a powerful witness to an often hostile world.

Bless you.

Julie (Little Missionary)


Terry said...

Oh Little Missionary Julie..
Such a good post!
I am inclined to be the same way with young people.
Where we live, there is a large high school just down the street from the fast food places and one time on a "Tooney Tuesday" at the Kentucky Fried Chicken place, another lady and I were standing in a long line with a bunch of those high school kids.
Now those kids were a lively and noisy group and the lady and I were both enjoying their exuberance and love of life.
They were like a breath of fresh air to us!
Then the lady at the cash said.
"If you don't pipe down, I am going to kick you out of the store!"
WRONG!!!The other lady and I would not stand for that!
We didn't get after the cashier of course but we started to talk between ourselves how that we believe the youth of today are our country's treasure!"
Loud enough I am sure, for cashier to hear.
I told the lady,who by the way I never even knew, "If it weren't for these kids, Niagara Street Fast Food places would go broke because every noon hour and after four, the places are just full of these little darlings spending their money on hamburgers, fries, chicken and tacos..
Ha!! And look at all the jobs they are creating!!"
The lady empathically agreed with me!

Good, good post little jewel, Julie!
Y'all come back now...hear!!
Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Little Missionary!!!
May God reward your kindness!

Felisol said...

Dear Julie Missionary,
I looooove justice gene people, they're my ideals.
Wonderful that you (and Terry, who else?) are using your genes this well.
Remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:40
40"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'
I think Jesus is smiling down to you today, Julie M.
From Felisol