Thursday, October 4, 2007

When They Ring Those GOLDEN Bells

What a "golden" moment
When daddy trusts the Lord
'Twill be the greatest gift I know
Great riches can't afford.

Today could be that glorious day
When his salvation comes
Angels rejoice, Dad made his choice
The pilgrim has come home!


~ David


Terry said...

Dear David...This nice little poem that you wote for Dad Golden reminds me of when we were kids and going to the gospel meetings. Quite often the preacher would say, "Now is the time to be saved!
Don't miss out on this Golden opportunity!"

Thanks a lot. Dad is going to have quite a bit of reading to do this Sunday.
I have lots of good posts to print out for him!....Love Terry

Saija said...

that is a wonderful little poem, David! and Terry, i do pray for your dad! that he may know Jesus ...

my 42 year old sister is in the hospital with acute renal failure (did a quick post on my blog this a.m.) ... so i have been off line due to time & life "stuff" over here ...

blessings on all the pilgrim pals ... saija

susanwalkergirl said...

Amen, amen and so be it!

I so look forward to the day...and in my human impatience...I pray it is very soon.

Trusting in God's perfect timing...and one day we'll all look back see how marvelous His plan was.

Lovely poem!

Pilot Mom said...

I join David in petitioning the Lord for Dad Golden's salvation! Each day I do wake up thinking this surely will be the day Dad Golden becomes part of our family!

When will he be able to come home from the hospital, Terry? I'm still praying for the doctors and nurses, and of course, complete healing for your dad! :D