Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Norwegian Invitation

Autumn leaves are falling. The sky is grey. The air is chilled.

Hey, Terry & Pals, why don't you come in for a nice cup of tea? Have a taste of Turid's organic grown Prince apples.
I'll put on the kettle as soon as you tell which brand you prefer.

Looking forward to seeing you real soon!

That is what I call a welcome invitation Felisol, Gunnar, Serina and Norwegian Mama..
I love tea and I think all of the Pilgrim Pals do but the Pilgrim himself!
Thanks for the invite!
That David will just have to satisfied with a wee cuppa' tea!

RSVP to Pilgrim Pal Felisol.. On The Far Side Of The Sea


Terry said...

A cup of tea sounds really good to me at the moment!
I like real tea, myself...Red Rose!
Sold only in Canada, you say?
Tell me it isn't so!
Oh Felisol!
I guess I will have to bring my own tea bag!!..Love Terry

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hi Felisol, I love a good relaxing cup of tea - red Rose is also my favorite but I'm willing to try other brands.

Bless you!


Saija said...

lovely!!! i'm on my way!

pilgrim pals ;) said...

I'll be there, too ;)


Pilot Mom said...

I'm on my way! :D Thanks so much for the invitation!

Vicki said...

Love tea! Let's get together!