Saturday, October 6, 2007

None The Wiser

After my visit to the infectious disease specialist in Toronto on Thursday, I'm none the wiser. Originally he doubted whether it was cellulitis that I've had three times in the last two years. After receiving all my hospital records he's now satisfied that it was cellulitis after all. He doesn't know why it has hit me twice in my face and then the last time in my right arm and elbow. It's a mystery.

I've had this ear infection for 10 days now and the ear drops seem to make it worse. With a 40% hearing loss in my left ear already, the infection has almost rendered me deaf...temporarily at least. At times that could be a good thing...I think. Pardon?

Please pray that one of these days I will feel well again. We're thinking that a naturopath (sp?) might be the way to go but the one who Carol and Matthew have visited seems hesitant to take me on. I'm too much of a challenge I guess. We'll see!

Tomorrow morning (Thanksgiving Sunday) I'm speaking at the communion service at our church and then in the second part of the service we're presently PRAY FOR THE PETES again. I pray that I will be able to hear well enough to speak. That sounds weird doesn't it. It's like saying I pray that I will see well enough to smell.

We had Thanksgiving dinner tonight with Carol's side of the family at Elim Lodge. What a spread they put out for the guests!

Tomorrow we are going to the Fisher side of the family thanksgiving dinner at mom's house. It's a good thing that we're eating out this weekend because the oven at home quit on us yesterday.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, my Canadian pals and God's best to our pals around the world. Wish I could sit down for a cup of chai tea with Felisol in Norway. Someday maybe!

Lots of love,

The hard of hearing pilgrim, David


Pilot Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours David! May your Thankfulness spill out in praises to Him!

I'm so sorry to read that your visit to the infect. doc didn't turn up any new clues. Maybe we should have you and Jim find a doctor to visit together...these really tough cases are no match for our Great Physician however! :)

Terry said...

I wonder what it could be David?
I had forgotten about the trouble you had with your eye.
Is that better now?
It just goes to show what a short memory I have.
I remember when we were praying for you at that time.
You got that bad eye in Bristol, didn't you?
Now you have an ear ache. That is kind of hard to take!

Maybe a naturopath will help you but you still have to be careful what herbs you take.
I guess you and we will just have to pray about it!!

Have a nice Thanksgiving at your Mom's!....Love Terry

susanwalkergirl said...

Dearest David,

I pray that the Great Physician...will touch your body with His healing touch. That He will have mercy upon you and bring much needed relief.

To all my Canadian Pilgrim Pals...a very Happy Thanksgiving. May God bring to mind the many blessings you have. I pray that You will focus on praising God and giving you draw close to your friends and family.

To an American in the US...I am most curious as to what the Canadian Thanksgiving menu holds?

Blessings to you and I off God my thanksgiving for each of you.


David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks, as always, for your comments.

The menu:

Dressing (or stuffing)
Cranberry sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potato Casserole
Butternut Squash
Other vegetables
Pumpkin pie

Plus or minus a few items.

I'm getting hungry as I write this.

Lots of love,


Terry said...

And lots and lots of tea at his Mamas' Susan!! Ha!

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Father,
I'll pray for your ear infection, and understand your worries. Loss of hearing is not to be taken lightly.
I'm impressed with your Thanksgiving menu.
And you get to eat it two days in a row.
You really could do with some light digested Chinese after this.
We don't celebrate thanksgiving like you at all. Just children, often scouts, placing products from this autumn harvest on the altar in the church on the "Autumn- thanks-feast."
God bless you all on this very Sunday wherever you might be.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Pilgrim,
I do pray God will grant you wisdom. I have seen two naturopaths for my various illnesses over the past few years, and they are each different, with each having their own fortes. The first one was great to get me off to the right start with my allergies, and the second was a lot more thorough, and had more knowledge on dealing with food allergies than the first. Altogether I benfited greatly from their help...much more, unfortunately, than from the doctors I have seen :(

Have a great Thanksgiving! We are having a splendid time at my house!

God bless you richly...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Pilgrim,
I forgot to say before, I will be praying for the Petes. I hope I can listen to some of their games this season...besides the ones they will play against the 67's, and you know what I think of the latter...;)

Is Bud playing for Quinnipiac this year? My favorite NCAA team's season opened this afternoon...I don't know if they won or lost!

God bless you...