Thursday, October 4, 2007

That You Might Know My Jesus

Dear Papa,
I pray that one day,
You might know my Jesus.

You confess that you just don’t know for sure,
That the Bible alone reveals,
The One True God called Jehovah.

How can there only be one way?
How narrow to say salvation is found in no other.
That the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

You say that my good works,
Count for nothing,
That salvation comes only through the blood of the Lamb.

I know so very well…I’m no saint,
Nor a wretch…deserving of hell.
Surely He must grade on a curve.

Dear Papa…I beg you please,
Cry out to Him…challenge Him,
Ask that He might reveal Himself to thee.

Dear Jesus…
I beg You…I plead…
Pour out Your mercy upon my Dad.

Bring him to the end of himself,
That he might look up and see,
My Savior’s face…and receive.

Welcome him into the fold,
Grant him life everlasting.
Come into his heart and reside.

His debt marked “paid in full”,
Made whiter than snow.

Dedicated to Terry

By Susan Bunts
October 3, 2007

We all have loved ones…family and friends who are yet unsaved. It’s a heavy burden…especially as we see an aging parent remain resolute in their unbelief. Yet…our God is a God of mercy and grace…and He just loves to work miracles in the least likely souls. Tonight my heart is burdened for a dear friend Terry as she is in prayer for a loved one’s salvation. Terry…so many people join with you in your ongoing prayer…and we look forward to God answering those prayers in a way we can not even ask or imagine. Blessings to you dear one.


Terry said...

Thank you so much Susan, my kindred spirit!
What what I do without you and all my friends who I have met in the last two years and what would I do without the Lord who I have known in a personal for over 40 years and what would be the happiest day in his life if Dad Golden would accept the Saviour!....Love Terry

David Warren Fisher said...


Thank you SO much for your wonderful poem/prayer for Dad Golden's salvation. Thanks for being such a kindred spirit for Terry.

As I await daylight here at my job at Christian Horizons I am in severe pain with two ear aches but most of all my heart aches for Dad Golden's salvation.




Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Miss Bunts, just beautiful!

God bless you!