Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Prayer Request From Bill Scott Sr.

I received an email from Bill this evening with this prayer request:
"My step day just had a heart attack and is not saved, please pray
for him as he is on his way to the hospital."

Please pray for this dear man Pilgrim Pals
and also for Bill and his wife, Jessica as they face
this trial.


Bill Scott


Felisol said...

I will pray for Bill and especially his step dad who is not saved. I'll pray that the Lord will grant him time to open his heart for the "saving grace."
Dear Lord, hear our prayer, Amen.

Bill Scott, Sr. said...

Thank you for your prayers. As far as I know, he will be released from the hospital today sometime....He lives 3000 miles away and it is hard to get up-to-date information. But I think he is ok physically, he just needs salvation more than anything else.

Terry said...

Yes he does Bill!
3000 miles away? Wow!!