Thursday, October 25, 2007

Clint Is My Man

Dear Pals: Yesterday I had a refreshing surprise when I spoke with an old friend Clint Hurdle on the phone. Here is the account that I posted on Pilgrim Scribblings:

Yesterday I took a chance and tried to reach Colorado Rockies' manager Clint Hurdle by phone. My intention was to leave a message of encouragement so I waited until later in the afternoon when I knew he'd be at Fenway Park in Boston. To my surprise Clint picked up the phone and we had a wonderful visit hours before Game 1 of the World Series.

We prayed together before we hung up and it was so good to have that time together. Unfortunately the Rockies had grown rusty from a long layoff and they were pounded 13-1 by the Red Sox. It would be easy to think that my prayer accomplished nothing but I refuse to believe that lie. Clint remarked that our prayertime was the best gift he received all day.

Check out this link for an account of the hurdles that Clint has had to clear over his checkered career.

God bless you, Clint!


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Anonymous said...

Aw, now, Pilgrim...I was wondering WHO you were going for. I do not like baseball, but for some reason I've heard myself say that the Yankees re my favorite team. At any rate, my sister is a BIG Red Sox fan, as are a lot of fellow Montrealers, it seems, so that is who I am rooting though I really care who wins the World Series :) But I will keep your man Clint in prayers, okay? oh, and his Colorado Rockies, too. ;)

May God bless you richly!