Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Foliage Is Fleeting

Those who are blessed by living where the seasons change so dramatically can thank God for incredible fall foliage. Sad to say, it only lasts awhile and then the snow flies. Like so many of God's blessings we must enjoy these fall landscrapes while we can. Thank you Father!


Terry said...

Dear David...Bernie and I are on our way out to find some fall trees that we can take pictures of and that will be a difficult job indeed!
We are still about 70 per cant green in Welland...
And the dandelions are starting to pop up again too!!
I would not be surprised at all if we spot a few robins on our travels....Terry

These pictures are nice.
Did you get your camera fixed?

Vicki said...

Love the fall season! These pictures are so nice.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Pilgrim!

We noticed this on Sunday while out photographing in the woods...oh, and I got some great "Pilgrim Pahway" shots, too!

What is up with your camera? Fixed, going to be fixed, or irrepairable? I hope not the latter...

How was your visit with the naturopath? I hope it was a good one...they are all so different, and some are a bit quirky.

I am praying BIG that your house will sell soon.

Lord Jesus, bless the Pilgrim and his dear family. Give Mrs. Fisher strength as she cleans and readies the home for each Open House. Grant the entire family peace during this time that can feel insecure or unstable. May their hearts and minds be washed in your perfect peace, Father. Please give them the grace they need for each new day. May their house sell in Your perfect timing, Oh Lord, because we know that Your timing is always right. In Jesus' Name, Amen.