Friday, October 5, 2007

God is Good....All the Time you mean like this....very cool !!!

Being able to do this, may be just what I need to go back to took me sooooooooo long to learn this...This picture was taken in Boulder, Colorado last year. Have a blessed day everyone.



Terry said...

Oh Donna!!!
Could you do me a favour and visit Mrs. Mac and tell her how to do this.
I have a very cheap program which I bought when we fist got the computer a few years back, called "Picutre it" but I don't know if it is still available.
Is there a program on windows that you can do this with?
I would really appreciate it if you could tell Mrs. Mac.
Her email address is on her Terry

Terry said...

Dear Donna..
Did I tell you how majestic this picture is and how majestic is the verse that you put on it?!!

Mrs Mac

Thanks Donna....Love Terry

Saija said...

that is just GORGEOUS and inspiring, all at the same time!!!! wow!

and if you put your blog address in one corner (small), then folks will know where to come visit you and you will also be able to have some ownership on your pics ... :o)

Anonymous said...

Good Job, Sweetie!

God bless you!