Monday, October 8, 2007

Beautiful Motherhood According To Felisol

Children, they seem to be able to love their mothers through thick and thin (be it biologic or foster moms).If I should involve God in the motherhood issue, (and I tend to involve Him in everything) I would point out that the majority of women without "birth children" to my knowledge are persons more capable of caring, sacrificing and loving than the average woman.My sister in law has two adopted children, has had four foster children and even her private kindergarten. She's as devoted as anyone I know of, even as a grandmother of her previous foster children.She's not unique.I could have mentioned so many more.The gift and power of love is God given, not a gene.I had worked with children and adults for twenty years before I was given Serina as a bonus.I always thought, as do my brother, I know, that the needs were so huge that I never would run out of work or tasks.No, I did not plan to get pregnant, and while I was pregnant the only thing I knew was that children come without a guarantee or return right.I had so prepared myself for everything, that got a joy shock when I looked in to that perfect, wonderful face of my daughter.She was mine(and Gunnar's) to care for, to upbring, to pray for, to pour over all the love I have and even some more, and in due time, let go.Maybe that's the gift of motherhood, one is allowed to give love of one's full heart. And the price; giving them wings to fly and be the safe nest to which they always can return
....Felisol On The Far Side Of The Sea

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