Friday, October 19, 2007

When It Rains It Pours

A very quick post to ask for prayers this evening...It has been one of those weeks when everything happens at once. I received a call Thursday morning from my older sister that she was hospitalized with chest pains. I traveled to Syracuse today to visit her and she is scheduled for bypass surgery on Monday.

This morning, while visiting her, Ron called to tell me that his aunt had passed away....He was very close to her and his cousins, five girls, one of them married my brother.........she lost what had been a eight year battle with breast cancer....she was 80 years old and one of the sweetest ladies I have known, a dear to both of us. He will be leaving for Tenn tomorrow; I will not be accompanying him on this trip.

If I could ask for prayers for my sister....this is the fourth member of my family to be diagnosed with heart disease....and prayers for Ron as he leaves tomorrow in flight to Tennessee...and for the famly of his aunt as they join together to celebrate her life.

Thanks so much....


Terry said...

Dear Donna.It does seem to be pouring.
I will pray for your sister especially on Monday when she has her operation.. and for Ron and his aunt's family.Since they are celebrating her life, it must mean that she is a Christian. What a comfort this will be to you...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Donna,
of course I'll pray. Loosing loved ones,I'm familiar with that pain.
Your sister is also being prayed for as well as yourself, who have to deal with all this anxiety.
God heal, strengthen and blees you all.
From Felisol

donna said...

thank much

Vicki said...

Donna, please keep me posted on your sister's progress. Praying for her fervently, and you as you minister love to her.