Friday, December 21, 2007

Don't Get Too Attached

As the ongoing drama of selling our home unfolds we find ourselves riding a wild roller coaster of emotions.

We received an offer that we couldn't refuse almost two weeks ago. All the conditions have been met thus far. One condition was that the perspective buyer could arrange a home inspection. This was carried out yesterday. You can imagine how Carol was feeling as the inspector thoroughly went from top to bottom checking every imaginable thing. Tapping, banging, opening, closing. He did it all!

We waited nervously. The buyer was there with the inspector and when he was done she was so excited she blurted out, "I love this home so much. I wish we could move in today." We were relieved that the inspection went well but it brings us one step closer to moving on.

The problem is that we "love" our home a lot.'s just bricks and mortar and the things that mean most will be going with us wherever we end up.

Each time I look out the back window and see the picturesque winter wonderland that has been ours for 13 1/2 years my heart trembles and I choke up. This will be our last Christmas in this home. I won't be sitting in my Adirondack chair beside the creek anymore. No trails to wander through. But life moves on and God has great things in store for us. That's what we believe but at times it's hard to convince myself of that fact.

Last night I drove past the home of my friends Watson and Noemi Atkinson. Watson will never return to that home. After suffering a heart attack in the Philippines recently God called him to his eternal resting place...a much better home. Seeing their empty home (Noemi and their daughter Jenalyn are still in the Philippines) helped to place things in perspective.

We are pilgrims here and we better not put our roots down too deep. The things that matter most are NOT "things" but relationships and people and our faith in a sovereign, faithful God.

"Father, don't allow me to get too attached to earthly things that will quickly fade in significance but cause me to fix my eyes and attention on You and Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank You for every blessing that You lavish upon Your children. We have a heavenly home whose builder and maker is God and we are but pilgrims on a journey that leads to You. Thanks for walking with us each step of the way. We praise You for who You are and what You have done for us through Jesus Christ our wonderful Lord. AMEN!"

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Vicki said...

Praying for you David. This was a good post and good reminder for me to not become too attached to things while here on earth. God bless you! May 2008 be filled with unexpected blessings from Him.