Monday, December 3, 2007

Nudge In Tight

Last Friday was one of those times when the events of the day mirrored the weather or vice versa. One minute the sun was shining, the next it seemed like a blizzard was blowing the roof off. One minute I felt at peace and then my sense of well-being would be shattered. Being the end of the month there's always a bit of apprehension. Will we able to make the mortgage payment? Will God provide miraculously again like He's always done before? Back and forth I went...all day, riding an emotional roller coaster that seemed out of control.

In the midst of the turmoil God, by His Spirit, was giving comfort and encouragement. Without His whispers urging me to carry on I wouldn't have made it. I would have crashed and it wouldn't have been pretty.

Every time I would begin to despair God would whisper, "Nudge in tight, things WILL be alright!" I'd cozy up to Him, so to speak, get under "shadow of the Almighty, be carried along by His everlasting arms and I'd sense a calm release. This happened repeatedly throughout the day.

Friday night I was awake in the middle of the night...thinking too much, of course, and God whispered again. I finally got up, went down to my computer and typed out this dialogue between the Father and me.

First a poem:

The whisper of God came out of the heavens.
Caring, compassionate words filled with love,
The whisper of God, so intimate, personal
Meant just for me and they came from above.

Now the dialogue:

GOD: “Nudge in tight, things will be alright!”

DAVID: “Nudge in tight, things will be alright?” Nudge? Doesn’t that mean to push aside? Surely that’s not what You’re trying to say.

GOD: “Your mere human words can’t ever describe
And convey to you what I’m trying to say.
Nudge, nestle, cuddle?…you know what I mean
Just trust me and do what I tell you today.”

GOD: “Nudge in tight, things will be alright!”

DAVID: "Yes, Father! I’ll nudge in tight, Things WILL be alright!

Dear friend, are you battling something that looms so large that it threatens to defeat you? Nudge in tight to God. Allow Him to take your burdens and cares. He has never lost a battle yet...and never will.

~ David W. Fisher

December 3rd, 2007


Terry said...

Dear David
I was wondering when you were going too finish this good post. I read the draft in the posting section.
It is so good and so is the Terry

Anonymous said...

I love the photo! and the words are inspiring!

God bles you, Pilgrim!

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Father,
that was a wonderful testimony.
just this very day I needed those words.
I sure will nudge in tight.
Where else should or would i go??
Thank you for being so open and sharing. A tired wanderer is getting new courage from reading how well the Lord is caring for you. He may not remove our trials, but he leads us through them all of the way.
Thank you.