Saturday, December 29, 2007

Little Sick Pal

Hi friends,

I'm fighting a nasty head and chest cold so I could use some of your healing prayers. I'm prone to getting bronchitis and I sure don't want it to get to that point.

I'm home resting and watching my beloved Ottawa Senators on TV - they are battling hard for a win against the Washington Capitols. Little Fish just scored two goals - woohoo!! It's 7 - 5 it's 7-6...this is crazy - Fisher gets a hat trick - 3rd goal of the game!!!! Be back in a minute.....
Ahh crumbs....the Caps just won, 7-6 - but a great effort by the Sens.

I also wanted to tell you that I've signed up for an evening course at college - it's part of a certificate program in counselling - "Trauma/Addiction Recovery Studies". I have a strong desire to help people - especially the youth - to recovery from trauma and addictions - but not in a secular organization because I must have the freedom to speak about the healing power of Jesus Christ. If I do continue to pursue this entire program it will take me about two years to complete it on a part-time basis...but for now, one course at a time - we'll see how it goes.

God bless each of you and Happy 2008!

Julie (Little Missionary)

PS does anyone know what ever happened to "Passing thru" Bob?


Felisol said...

Dear Lil Missionary,
what a wonderful task you have chosen. Helping the most needy to in the modern society lost, modern youth. So many are lethally undernourished on love, time, understanding, rolemodels and the knowledge of Christs healing and forgiving.
You never set out on any easy projects do you? I will pray for you, 'cause I know when one set out to do the good work, one's up against mighty enemies.
Fortunately we have the mightiest allied, Jesus Christ, in who's name you shall have victory.
God bless your week-end and the New Year.

Terry said...

Dear Little Missionary Julie..
Certainly will be praying for you!

I am glad that you are taking that course.
You will certainly be a help to young people.
You have known so much trauma in your own life so it will not be just empty words that you will be offering.
God bless you Julie....Love Terry

I miss Passing-thru too. I think we all do...

David Warren Fisher said...

Little Missionary:

I'll be praying! Wish I could have met you while we were in Ottawa.

Passing Thru Bob hasn't been around for awhile has he. In the New Year I'm going to mount a campaign of encouragement directed at our dear brother.

Hope you'll be feeling better soon!