Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Special Hug For A Special Friend

Our dear friend Pilot Mom posted this cyber hug for LPP, Little Pilgrim Pal on her blog. I've taken the liberty to repost it here on Pilgrim Pals.

We all join Pilot Mom (Claire) in giving LPP a group hug and we want you to know, dear friend, that we are praying for you.

Lots of love,

David, the Pilgrim

Here's that post:

This cyber hug is being sent to my precious friend in Canada who is having to deal with life and death issues right now. I just want her to know that I continue to pray for her and her family. I know our Lord is sustaining you, that He is sufficient unto the day...May He be glorified and honored throughout this time. May your love and devotion for your family shine forth brightly even though your heart is hurting. I pray, too, for restful nights where He is able to renew your strength for another day. Enjoy every minute you are able to share with each family member. I know He will guide and direct you in ways to minister to each other. Remember I am always here if you need a shoulder or a listening ear. We, the body of Christ, are to bear one another's weep when there is weeping and to rejoice when there is joy. I want you to know that I am walking beside you in prayer! Love, Pilot Mom


Lauren-Mary said...

What a great idea...I'll join the group hug! LPP- prayers are sent your way daily. I'm not sure how to write a cyber hug, but *hugs* times many more dear friend.

Terry said...

Yes I will too Lauren-mary.
This is such a good idea Pilot-mom...
And while I am at it I will just give you two a big hug too!...Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks David for reposting this over here!

Terry, I do believe I am getting your emails. I am under the impression I have responded back...but I may not have. Have they been the letters from LLP? If so, then yes, I have received them and I am sorry I neglected to let you know. I've been sick and not up to my normal self and now Jim is sick and has hurt his rotater cuff. Monday and Tues are set aside for doctor appts. *sigh*

Terry said...

Oh dear Pilot-mom...I never knew you were sick and Jim again too.
I will be praying for you both...Love Terry

The one letter I am wondering if you got is the one about Donna.
She is worried about LP too, so I told her where she could meet her at your place, and I was hoping that it would be alright....

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Pals,
I also want to join in hugging and praying for Little Pilgrim Pal. She sure has a lot to carry. Good to know she is not alone.
Lord, she's so young, so devoted to you and her family.
Please help, heal and strengthen her and her family.
From Felisol

Anonymous said...

OH, oh, you make me cry!! I have had no time to check the blogs in ages...I just write my update on Word, and copy and paste it on Mrs. Gaines' blog to send off to Mrs. Shirkie...I even had good news on Thursday, but haven't had a moment to snd it off...and then I got bad news regarding the sudden death of another neighbor, so I had a hard Friday night. I think I am better now. Thank you, thank you,thank you from the bottom of my heart for this hug....You Pals are the best!! I love you all dearly! May the Lord bless you richly!!

Love and Prayers,

Pilot Mom said...

Yes, Terry, I did receive that one. I do apologize for not letting you know in a timely fashion!

LPP, so good to hear some good news!

And, you are so right about how we do not know when we will lose a friend or neighbor (see her comment on my post at my blog) and that is the very reason we should live today as if the Lord is coming, or as if He is taking us home. As He said about the silly farmer who was planning on building his huge new barn..."Silly man, you will be standing before me this very night.." [that is my own paraphrase]

So we do need to enjoy the time set before us, letting our light shine through all our imperfect cracks...

I love all you PPals! You are so dear to my heart [even the ones we do not hear from as often anymore]!!