Friday, December 28, 2007

We Made It...Barely

What a great game last night! The Senators won and Mike got a nice goal. We were almost stranded within a mile of the arena. More on that later. We made it just in time to hear the national anthems and get seated.

The weather was terrible as we made our way to Ottawa but the prayers of God's people must have been effective. THANKS!

Now we're heading to the Christian bookstore. Does that surprise you?

More later...

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Lauren-Mary said...

Wasn't the weather fun last night!?! haha- at least it wasn't nearly as bad as two Sundays ago! Glad to hear you're enjoying your stay in my neck of the woods and I hope your trip home is in much better weather.
CONGRATS to Mike on his goal- it's great to see him back on the ice and playing like the player we know he is!