Monday, December 3, 2007

A Letter From My friend Tish

*I received this request from a friend this morning. The writer is his > sister, Saundra. Please add her request to your prayers.> Love,> Tish
Subject:*/ My friend Carla> > On this journey we get to meet a lot of people...most are good, some are> excellent, and occasionally there is someone who is superior. Carla Baumann> is one of those superior people. She was a co-worker at the health> department where she continues to work. She and her husband, Lothar, are> Berea graduates, younger than I, and have a son, Bryce.> > She is patient, kind, compassionate, gentle, and filled with love. And she> is this way day in and day out. I have never heard her gossip. And with> these wonderful attributes, she is humble. In fact, she would be> embarrassed by my description of her.> I can tell you with confidence, she is the closest to a saint that I will> know while on Earth.> > Carla has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She is not questioning> why.> She has asked me, and I am asking you, for your prayers. Lothar is in need> of extra support and love. Two weeks ago, his brother David was diagnosed> with metastatic melanoma. So please remember them.> > I am also asking you to consider putting them on your prayer chain or give> their names to the prayer warriors that you know.> > Love, Saundra


Anonymous said...

Will be praying...

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim,
I am praying for Carla, Lothar and their son Bryce.
4 1/2 years ago my brother and only sibling also was diagnosed with Cancer Pancreas. The doctors did not give him good odds. Without operation 2% surviv, with a Whipple op. 20 % survives.
My brother choose the op., got no chemo, no radiation, and is still alive today.
All of our friends in four towns were praying around the clock for him, so the honor and glory goes to God and him alone.
God can do for Carla what he has done for my brother, I'm sure of that.
Yours Felisol