Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Great Day For Erin

Hello Everyone! Erin has had another great day for healing to take place! Her lungs looked a little better this morning and her stats have remained in good ranges. I talked to one of the Infectious disease doctors today and he does seem to be really concerned about the yeast fungus. I feel like her lungs are going to have to heal before the doctors will really address the fungus. She's receiving two medications for the fungus. I hope everyone saw the story about Erin on WJHL TV. I thought is was done in a very swwet and compassionate way. If you didn't get to see it on tv, you can go on the internet to and click on video. from there look for "girl with 10% chance of living opens her eyes". I want to thank Josh Green of WJHL personally for his wonderful depiction of Erin's story. I also want to thanks all the Kids, Staff, and Faculty of Ross N Robinson School for their help, cooperation, and prayers. It warms my heart to find out how much Erin is loved. I think we could all learn a lesson about love and compassion from these kids. I appreciate everone who continues to think of and pray for Erin and her family. We feel the effects of your prayers every single day! Keep up the good work! To God be all the Glory! I've heard from several old friends today with promises to pray for Erin and that means so much to me! I am so blessed in my life that it's unbelievable! I appreciate everyone at work also. They have been so supportive and understanding. Well I didn't mean to use up so much of tonight's report Bragging on what the Lord has done for me during this time but He knows what we need to hear. I love you all very much! Thanks everyone! Thanks Jesus!

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Felisol said...

Dear Erin's parents,
lucky about the good news. Today is Friday (night in Norway). Praying that things are still improving and eagerly praying for more good reviews.
From Felisol