Sunday, March 9, 2008

Heavenly Sounds

A good friend, John Dinnick, forwarded me the following link. The news clip concerns one of my all-time favourite Southern Gospel singers, Gerald Wolfe (pictured in the center).

He has been nominated for a prestigious Dove Award for Best Male Vocalist. Gerald talks about the song which has ministered to him in the most profound manner, Til the Storm Passes By. I share his appreciation for this great song written by Mosie Lister.

Even if you don't have an appreciation for this genre of music please check out the clip. Perhaps you will have a greater understanding of why I love this style of music.

Click here for this clip:

Note: This clip no longer works. It must have have worked on the day the TV station posted it. - David

Hey Pilgrim David...It still works for me!!
And it is well worth watching......Terry

Note: Pilgrim Pals Terry and Susan are both Gerald Wolfe fans. Gerald's group, Greater Vision, has been singing together for 18 glorious years.

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Terry said...

You are so right David Fisher!!
That is such a nice video too!
I am going to put a post on about Gerald Wolfe and what he means to our family.