Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Little Improvement In Erin

Erin is doing a little better with her new machine and changes!!! They have now changed the direction of her ECMO flow and she responded well by her blood gas raising 2 points!! We will take any point we can get!!!!!AMEN!!!! We are now back to a waiting period to see if her lungs will respond by starting to heal. The fungal infection of course is still present she just has to be able to stay on ECMO long enough for her lungs to heal so they can take off the ECMO and her body can fight off the fungal infection because as long as she is on ECMO the fungal infection will most likely not go away!!!!! Thank you all for the long day of MANY prayers!! Continue praying with us that Erin is TOTALLY healed but specifically now for the healing of her lungs!!!! Love you all and GOD BLESS YOU for all you've done and our doing for our little girl!!!!!

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