Saturday, March 15, 2008

Report From Erin's dad

I just don't know how to start this entry in Erin's journal. When Erin first got sick and Brian and Kimberly suggested we did this I was skeptical about it at first. Now, here I am, at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning still posting to this site. God has a plan. I appreciate everyone who encouraged me to continue posting. I feel like God has used Erin's sickness in a mighty way to open the eyes of people everywhere to His Love. I know if no one else feels this, I do! I thought the Celebration of Erin's life yesterday was a fitting tribute to her. I was dreading it so much and wondered to myself how i could make it through. Oh Yea of Little Faith! That's me, always skeptical always being judgemental! I shook hands and hugged people from 1:30 till 9:30. God took care of me! People ministered to me all afternoon and evening long! I wanted to make sure I got to speak to everyone who had been praying for my Angel. If I didn't get to tell you personally, I want to say I appreciate you all! Please continue to pray for me and Kimberly , and our families. I know the next few days when everyone goes back to their normal lives it will be hard for us to return to some sort of normalcy. I can't say how long I will continue posting to this site but God knows. It is sort of like a therapy to put my feelings down here. A guy whom I first met in Nashville who brought us a care package (sorry I don't remember your name) handed me a folded piece of paper and I believe he told me his mother had written something for Erin last night. We read it on the way to my sisters last night and it is so beautiful! I intend to post it on here later sometime today for everyone to read! It's so beautiful! Thank you Debbie Koch for your beautiful writing! I appreciate everyone who came to celebrate Erin's life with us last night. Jesus I thank you for the Peace you showered me and my family with! I am going to try to get a little more sleep before the graveside service today. My mind just fills up and it seems like i have to empty it to be able to rest. I promise to update sometime later with the beautiful writing of Debbie Koch. Thanks!
Chris (Erin's dad)

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