Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is Any Thing Too Hard For The LORD?

I just don't know how to say what I've got to. We've met with Dr. Fleming and Erin prognosis is very grim. We're going to stop the ECMO machine and let Erin be with Jesus and be ultimately healed. The doctors have assured us they've done everything possible to give Erin a chance to heal.. Erin's lung xrays from today actually look worse than those from when she first arrived at Vandy. Also we saw the CT scans from yesterday of her entire body and they reveal Large clusters of fungus in Erin's brain surrounded by inflammation. Her blood gas numbers have been steadily deteriorating. Dr. Fleming's team all have children so they understand the difficulty in this type of decision. He told us that he felt they were doing stuff to Erin instead of for her. We appreciate everyone's prayers and support. We need everyone to continue to be praying for us during this darkest of times. Even though we know Erin will be with Jesus, it's hard to let go. I want everyone to know that Kimberly, Brian and myself have read this message and we all agree that the people praying for Erin and checking this sight so faithfully need to know exactly what's happening. We're waiting on Morgan to arrive here in Nashville so she can see Erin. Doris is bringing her and I would like everyone to be praying that they have a safe and uneventful trip. Please remember all of us as we travel back home to Kingsport later. God has really been using Erin in a mighty way to Touch people and I feel he will continue to use her and her family to accomplish this. We Love you All! Thanks you Jesus for the Peace you've given us!
Chris, Kimberly, and Brian
We are praying for you Chris, Kimberly , Brian and Morgan....that the Lord will be your strength!.......Love from all of the Pilgrim Pals

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Pilot Mom said...

My ♥ is breaking for this family. Having had a brother in a coma I understand the issues they are dealing with. How I praise the Lord they are believers!

The God of all comfort will comfort them until they are reunited with Erin. And Erin will see her Jesus face to face. What a special moment that will be...the child meeting her King.

I am praying...