Friday, March 21, 2008

Bon Voyage Saija!

at the moment - life is fast paced here at condo central i type this, i am 95% sure that i will be going to finland ... either next week or the week after ... for my cousin's funeral ... they have a different time frame for their funerals ... the service happens 2 or 3 weeks after the death will be a quick trip ... my companion will be my aunt maija (click here ) ... in fact, it was this sweet aunt of mine who called and asked if i wanted to go ... she was able to get me standby tickets for half price - making it affordable ... and this isn't even her side of the family - it is my dad's - my aunt maija is my mom's sister! she just has a tender, sweet, heart - i will find out on tuesday which weekend the funeral is on ...leo is supportive of this trip, i wouldn't go otherwise ... he wants me to be there with the family ... and i was so gungho about it yesterday - so positive! ... but today, fear started taking bites out of me ...i thought ... what if leo gets a fever? (i will be away for at least 12 days) ... what if my sister maria dies? what about the new doctor's appt.? the one i'll have to change ...what if, what if, what if ...then - like always - the Lord reminded me through His Word ... "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7 ... God hasn't given me a spirit of fear ... so if my feelings aren't from God - who is trying to butt into my spiritual heart? ... the heart that belongs to my Saviour, who has redeemed me for Himself ... He conquered sin, conquered death ... and He has given me His Holy Spirit to dwell within me ... that hard won peace that Jesus died for! there is no fear in Him i resolve to take the trip, trusting the Lord to have worked out all details ...i will continue in prayer (could you pray for me too? and leo?) ... and i shall let you know how this all develops ...oh - one more thing - leo would like to borrow someone's cat for 2 weeks - so he won't be so lonesome!

my tickets are bought ... i leave on the 25th ... my cousin's funeral will be on the 29th ... then, Lord willing, i will get home on 6 April ...


Saija said...

thanks for posting this terry ... and i thank everyone for their prayers ahead of time!

blessings on you!

Terry said...

Yes we will definitely pray for you Saija.
I put you and Leo into your dove picture on my blog...That way there will even be more people praying for you!!
We love you!!...Love Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

We'll be praying for you, Saija!

Rest in the Lord, He will take care of everything!

Love and Prayers,

LPP and PrayingSensFan

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
I am praying and hoping that your journey will all turn out well,
maybe even get a glimpse of you??
I've read in your blog that Leo is so well taken care of, and that he too wish you the best on your way back to Finland.
Go with God,
From Felisol

Vicki said...

Oh Saija! I will certainly be praying! That is a good scripture, too, and very appropriate for my own life right now.

Sending hugs across the miles,